Project 3: Creative Arts Camp at Louis Pierrot Elementary School

22 May
Louis Pierrot Elementary School

Louis Pierrot Elementary School

Location: Ponte Sonde, Haiti. Two and one-half hours from Port-au-Prince.  Classes will be held in the school pictured above.

Date: July 15-25 (This is an estimated date range)

Personnel Needed:
Creative artists and arts therapists (8-10)

Assignment: The creative artists and therapists (music, visual art, dance and drama) will join Haitian artists from Ponte Sonde to conduct a one-week creative arts camp on the theme of hope. Curriculum is provided but requires adjustment to the local culture and context. The BuildaBridge Classroom is used as the structure and is consistent with the formality and structure used by the school throughout the year. Artists will live in tents with mosquito nets and eat local food prepared for them by host staff. Shower facilities are clean and acceptable. Electricity is available with intermittent down times in the evening. There is no access to the internet. French and Creole are helpful. Some translators will be provided. An orientation to local culture will be provided in Port-au-Prince, along with daily Haitian Creole lessons. This is the site for the Eastern University Arts in Transformation Culture in Community Context course (tuition is not included).

Cost: Estimated cost $1800 plus airfare.


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