Looking for Mathare

21 Sep

Kaylie Sauter, BuildaBridge AOC in Nairobi

I got up on Saturday feeling a bit nervous but also excited as I headed into the city to catch a Matatu to Mathare. Whelp, guess I’m still not completely independent in the city because I wasn’t able to find the right Matatu and so my friend Moses had to come find me in the city and bring me to the Inspiration Center. I was late getting there and when I did get there the kids were waiting so I just kind of jumped in after pulling my BuildaBridge scrubs over my head. We started off by introducing ourselves and saying what color we would want to be if we could be one color in the world. I said blue!

Then I laid a big long piece of paper of the floor and asked them to draw something about themselves that they though was beautiful. Elbow room was scarce but they managed and some got the opportunity to explain their pictures after drawing.

Oh, also in the beginning, after we introduced ourselves. I began to explain primary and secondary colors to them. Then they were able to experiment with mixing the colors to see what happens when you mix yellow and blue, blue and red, and red and yellow. So we made color wheels this first Saturday and I think it was definitely easier for the kids to remeber after they had been able to do it for themselves.

The two hours I had with these kids just flew by. They were so interested in art and eager to paint, yet also patient and helping each other follow the directions. Some of the older guys from the dance team at the inspiration center also helped me which was a life saver because I really don’t know how many kids their were, but definitely more than I could handle by myself.

Our Color Wheels!

Challenges that I need to overcome are…

1) remembering the childrens’ names!

2) Figure out what to do about the class size. Large quantity of kids will sacrifice the quality of teaching, yet I don’t want to turn kids away. One idea is to split the kids into 2 classes based on age group and teach one from 9-1030 am and the other from 11-1230 pm.

Think it’ll work? we shall see!


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