The Good Life

17 Jan

  This previous week I have been working on logistics of the Diaspora of Hope Art Camp here in Nairobi as well as working with the artists in Kibera. The Art Camp, scheduled for the end of this month, will be an away camp this year rather than how it has been in the past, as a day camp. However we are still in the midst of finding a camp to host us, that is the catch! Each time we find a place that seems perfect complications arise. So all this to say, we are still waiting on the fifth camp option to give the final word whether they will be able to accommodate us. As far as funding though, in just the past 2 weeks it has been amazing how the money for the art camp has be given by generous people who want to see these kids in Mathare attend the art camp! So far there is 2 thousand dollars available to send our 80 children to the camp; providing them with 3 meals per day, teaching art, and accommodating them for 5 days!

 This week I also met individually with several of the artists here in Kibera to discuss their personal marketing goals and how they are planning to take steps to accomplish this. Many of the artists are eager to tap in to new opportunities to sell their artwork but accountability is important. I sat down with one girl to start her in creating her own blog, while posting other artist’s work on the Arts from Below website so that their art can be seen and potentially purchased by even those in the US.

In the painting class this Saturday since many of those ages 3-5 had graduated the previous week, I had a small class during my 9am class but they children did so well in sharing what their Good Life would look like in the future and exploring this hope through painting their “Good Life House”. The funny thing is that in the first class there were 5 children and then in the second class I had an explosion of children come, mostly boys, and numbering to 19 total!!! Despite the large size on the class in relation to the small size of the room we are in the kids did wonderful because they are very interested in learning and applying what we talk about. The class did not end until after 1pm and even then I was wishing to give the kids more time. So next week we will start the class off with a critique before jumping into our next painting lesson!


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