Marybeth Discovers Photography

19 Jan

     Written By: Mwaura (photography volunteer)

     The class started off with the identification the students that will make the photography class. They were initially 12 in number, 4 girls and 8 boys. One of the boys had already gone to the painting class. Eventually we ended up with 4 girls and 7 boys and two teachers, that is Moses and I.
As the names were being mentioned I discovered one of the girls was not in a good mood for some reason. At first I took it lightly but I couldn’t help taking note of her mood because it hung over her like a dark cloud. So I asked her “Did all of you choose photography?” and she mumbled “no”. The others were quite enthusiastic apart from her, so I thought how do I get them, I mean her, to appreciate and love photography? This is going to be a problem

     The good thing about photography is that virtually everyone – young and old – enjoys being taken or taking a photo of themselves at one point in their lives. And this was the question that got the class alive. Even for this little girl, Marybeth, this question got her excited and her face lit up momentarily. So why, I asked, did she get her photo taken? “To remember…to remember that time”, she said, and I could tell she was smiling. She was disappointed that her friends had gone to music class which she had also selected and probably was thinking “what good could I get from photography class?”
Each of the students was given an opportunity to get a photo of something special. Each of them had something special. They took photos of cars the trees and birds insects.

     Marybeth was quite enthusiastic and she was going around in the compound looking, looking for that thing she felt was worthy of taking a photo (this is scouting in technical terms). She took a photo of some flowers that happened to be nearby and she continued to enjoy herself, feeling a sense of belonging.


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