“We Have a Say”, Teaching on Unity

19 Jan

By: Rodgers Omburambi

      “We have a say.” – This was the theme of the second day and during the lesson the children learned of their right to have a say. This class was more exciting than the first, I think, and children were more active in participation. They were taught how to say “no” to things that might influence them negatively and “yes” to what will influence them positively, in their private lives and in the community. This was also high time for the children who had not previously contributed,  since they were now able to express their concerns and have their voices heard in the class for the first time. The class started with both teachers promising the students that it was their turn to speak out and, after reviewing the previous session about belonging, I think the children felt essence of belonging  and having a say in the community through what was taught in the classes.


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