The camp is coming to Kibera!

16 Apr

The camp is coming so fast and so much is thrown into the mix at one time. But this is wonderful and crazy all in the same! Crazy = identifying  local organizations to fund the camp; providing information of how much costs will be; figuring out a menu; recruiting artists; controlling the number of children that come; figuring out a good schedule of events; finding locations for classes; providing training; organizing buying supplies; organizing for food to be cooked throughout the camp; distributing responsibilities among artists; finding a suitable place for the dancers to teach- spacious with a roof; finding a way to appreciate the artists who are giving their time and expertise for free; finding a wall to paint on and then finding the security for the wall; sending out child registration forms; negotiating filming during this important event; finding a sound system, MC, location, ect. for the celebration with the Kibera community during the last day of camp.

This has been a large portion of what has consumed my time and thoughts lately but when there are barriers and when there is a fight to get to a goal it is so much sweeter when you have victory! This is how I have found it.  We have struggled. There was no funding in the beginning, no way to thank the artists for their work, and no one who was willing to take the majority of the planning responsibilities. But slowly things have happened…

  • GoDown Art Center has donated 5 amazing professional artists- 2 dancers and 3 mural painters.
  • CTM has agreed to provide funding for food, based on the menu presented.
  • Goldmines Foundation has given painting and beadwork supplies plus offered to record and produce a song for the children in music class.
  • Slum Soccer Field is working with us to offer fashion class for many young girls and is helping to plan Saturday’s celebration.
  • One of the GoDown painters put us in touch with a facility called YCT who have agreed to give us their building for free- to use during assemblies and for the dancers
  • Kevin Ochienge is handling the morning and afternoon assemblies
  • GoDown Art Center is buying and transporting all of the painting supplies
  • BuildaBridge has allowed me to use some of the supply money to appreciate the artists after this camp by taking them somewhere special, which will honor their work and build up unity
  • Olympic Primary has agreed for us to use the outside portion of their wall for our mural painting
  • The art camp training went so well today and we now have a solid, unified and somewhat corky group of artists, who are now prepared and eagerly anticipating the children they will teach.
  • Rodgers and Clive have been holding my head above my sea of to-do lists and I am so grateful because without their dedication it would not have happened at all.
  • Goldmines and Tumaini Church have offered us classroom space.
  • Shem has agreed to video for a donation price and this will help this camp to be sustainable in the years to come, since we will have solid footage to document and promote what is taking place.
  •  The artists are growing in excitement and eagerness to involve themselves in the art camp.
  • We have 3 girls that we can pay to work in the kitchen for chai and lunch.
  • I met a friend of a friend of a friend who knows a friend named Banykok, who is offering us security while the artists paint since he is a pretty tough guy who is respected and feared in Kibera.
  • Registrations forms are rolling in for the children
  • A church group from the US has donated for the children to be able to have certificates and a small gift at the end of camp.
Each day God gives a bit more to this camp. Each day I am amazed and then I will call Shem, Rodgers, Clive, Isaac, Jacob, and Grace so that we can share these exciting feelings of struggle and victory!

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