Kibera Art Camp- Day 1

18 May

It seems to be a very long time ago that we had the first art camp in Kibera, although in reality it was only last Thursday through Saturday.  In my head it had been going on weeks before and so when I woke up early on the first day of camp I feltl ike already I was on the last stretch of the camp; almost finished when we had only officially begun! I first went to CTM early to check on everything and make sure each location was in order…

Are the facilities unlocked? Are the cooks making chai? Who is leading assembly? Where are the packets for each class? How will we divide the kids into their correct arts groups? Is there water and cups at each location?

The first day is always the most stressful I guess. Rodgers and I probably looked like we were doing a relay race from Tumaini Church to YCT to Goldmines Foundation and back again- handing off brief phone calls, cups of chai, jerry-cans of water, and art supplies back and forth. Chai time at 10:30 am brought confusion and took a lot of energy to reassemble the kids, each class holding on to a long rope with one teacher leading. In dance class the artists from both Goldmines and GoDown Art Center did an amazing job. Photography and Beadwork were organized and thought out well. Mural Painting washed, primed, and sketched out their first mural. Fashion Class girls were taught how to run-way-walk by Grace who taught them about the true beauty within each person. The music producer of Goldmine challenged the Music Class to write their own song. Each art class explored their art on the basis of unity, and explored the 3 elements of unity, corresponding to our 3 days of camp… the first one being “We Belong”.

Lunch was delayed for at least an hour on our first day so actually the afternoon portion of class was lost completely on account of ugali that cooks too slow and food that was finished before everyone got some. We had the children return to YCT and Kevin and I led them in games, dance, and song until it was time to dismiss them after completing their first day.


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