Kibera Art Camp- Day 2

18 May

The second day is always better than the first. The first day people are learning the schedual, how things will run, and what to expect. We must have done something right because on Friday people eagerly fit into the system Rodgers and I had set into place. I walk in to YCT expecting that I would need to lead assembly and I found the dance and music class guys standing up front leading the children in the song they had written about unity in order to teach the children:

Chorus: Unity Unity is what we want, Unity Unity in order to grow

Unity Unity is what we want in order for us to grow

‘Cause we belong [‘Cause we belong],  ‘Cause we belong [‘Cause we belong] (go back to chorus)

To Help each other [to help each other], To Help each other [to help each other] (go back to chorus)

We commit to stay, I commit to stay, you commit to stay, we commit to stay (go back to chorus)

Once the song and assembly was finished we tweaked the schedule slightly and had children go directly to classes and then asked volunteers from each class to take cups and chai to the classes so that the kids where not disrupted and so that chaos didn’t break out so much. Also lunch was pushed later in the afternoon, after classes and before closing assembly, so that the child’s attention wasn’t not broken or disrupted. I think our willingness to adjust and make changes based on how day 1 went was wise and made the second day go well. The classes continued strongly, mural painting began the painting process on the wall, beadwork taught the children how to make paper beads, music class began recording a song for the children, fashion did their “fashion walks”, and dance class learned a dance to present for Saturday’s celebration. Kibera news broadcast came to interview us based on the arts activities we were doing and we also had our own camera documenting the event so that we can promote this art camp through the camera. The second day was even more encouraging than the first!


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