A Wire, Wooden Block, and Pantyhose

6 Jul

What to make from a piece of wood, some wire, and a pantyhose? My kids would tell you they can make a scultpure…and a pretty impressive one at that! I found ideas for this sculpture online and decided that this will be their final project for the sculpture class. It is a simple idea with easy-to-get materials and yet the final outcome looks very impressive!

In class I explained how to take the square board and stick the wire into the two holes that were drilled into the board. Then I instructed the children to use their creativity to bend and shape the wire loop into any interesting shape that they wanted. After this they took the pantyhose and pulled it over top of the stocking and the wooden block. This gave the wire form a 3-D shape! I had them paint their sculptures with glue so as to make the pantyhose stiff. Next week we will be painting the sculptures and then looking for an opportunity to display!


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