Things are picking!

19 Jul

So much has been happening that it is very exciting to me that things have been picking up in regards to the arts initiative and it has been encouraging to see artists and the arts groups that I am working with to take responsibility and control- again a promising sign of sustainability! Here are some quick updates…

  • Thursday Art Meetings have been handed over to the control of the four arts groups that the Center for Transforming Missions is partnering with. We have dropped the meetings to twice per month and are meeting in Kibera and Mathare informal settlements. The 4 arts groups rotate responsibility for the arts meetings and each are given complete control of certain meetings. There are 5 additional arts groups that we are now exploring partnership with!
  • Since the Diaspora of Hope Art Camp in Kibera we are now gearing up for another camp over the August holiday, this time in Dandora which is another informal settlement around Nairobi. After this camp we will then focus on the camp in Mathare for November/Decemeber.
  • The GoDown Arts Center is coming to Kibera to train artists in filming and then sending them out into Kibera to film and compete in the One Minute Africa Awards!
  • This Sunday marks the end of this year’s Sculpture Class and so the children of Mathare, at the Inspiration Center, will be having an art exhibit in the afternoon. This will be their chance to present what they have learned and to share their artwork with their friends and family.

All the exciting things that are happening makes it hard to say goodbye to the projects and people that I have become so tightly entwined with. However, when I leave August 11th I can feel at peace knowing that come the end of September I will be right back here in Kenya to continue with my art classes, artist’s networks, and many other exciting things!


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