Jay D. Old Mouse: Northern Cheyenne Flute Maker

Jay D. Old Mouse

Jay D. Old Mouse

Jay D. and his grandfather

Jay D. Old Mouse was chosen as the flute-maker and player of the Northern Cheyenne through a heritage of flute-makers. The last before him being his grandfather, pictured left. He carved and molded a flute from a single piece of aromatic cedar. He then “chases” the tune from the tones of the flute.

The songs below were recorded at the BuildaBridge–Healing Tree Arts for Hope Camp for kids at Lame Deer, Montana in August, 2010. Mr. Old Mouse generously gave of his time and expertise with both the kids of the camp and visiting faculty in learning about the history and culture of the flute in the Northern Cheyenne, and his own selection (chosen) as the flute maker for the Northern Cheyenne. In addition he demonstrated how the flute is made and helped the children to make their own flute models. Songs were recorded with his permission and our gratitude in order to learn about Northern Cheyenne music culture. We understand that performance would be altered in actual situations and with traditional drums.

For Handmade Flute, Performance or Teaching
Jay D. Old Mouse
Northern Cheyenne Flute Maker and Player
P. O. Box 517
Lame Deer, Montana 59043
Phone: (406) 477-8369
Cell: (406) 740-2176


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