House Parties

Thank you for agreeing to host a House Party to support BuildaBridge’s mission of bringing hope and healing through the arts to children, families, and communities in the tough places of the world! With your efforts, we can keep our promise to the hundreds of children we serve in Philadelphia and abroad this holiday season.

This letter explains your role as a BuildaBridge House Party Host and provides step-by-step instructions for hosting a successful House Party at your home.

Your Role

Your purpose as a House Party Host is three-fold: 1) to spread awareness of BuildaBridge’s work and mission;  2) to raise funds and cultivate long-term financial supporters for BuildaBridge; and 3) possible to rasie money for your upcoming trip. You will accomplish this mission by hosting a house party at your home and inviting 15-20 friends and family members that you think will be enthusiastic supporters of BuildaBridge.

Prepare your materials.  Here are some materials online you can print out and use.

In your House Party Kit:

Host Instructions.  That is what this page is.

Party Invitations (20).  Download a full page email invitation or card templates; and here are labels.

BuildaBridge House Party DVD (1)

  • Message from the President Video (this is optional.  If a staff person cannot attend, you are welcome to contact Dr. J. Nathan Corbitt by email who will record a special message and post online for you to download or use live during you House Party.
  • Best of BuildaBridge Slideshow (you can also play this live from Picasa web albums.  Contact Dr. Corbitt about your purpose and we can select a variety of pictures that will suit your event, e.g. Haiti Arts Relief
  • BuildaBridge Program Brochures (20)  These can be downloaded:  Arts Relief, Diaspora of Hope, Artology, BuildaBridge General brochures, and BuildaBridge EPK.
  • Donation Envelopes (20).  You can prepare these yourself, or call us to mail to you before your event. 215-842-0428 X17.  Ask for Karen Vaccaro
  • Party Favors (20).  You’ll need to get these.  Consider making something to share.


Please follow the following step-by-step instructions to host a successful House Party!

  1. Review the Host Instructions.
  2. Schedule a date and time for your House Party. Consider holding a brunch, luncheon, tea, dinner, or dessert party. Decide which format will work best for you and your guests.
  3. Invite 15-20 friends and family members to attend your House Party. Make sure to remind your guests to RSVP.
  4. Plan your party. Be as creative as you wish with food, drinks, decorations, and activities!
  5. On the day of your party:

a)     Once your guests have settled in, ask for their attention and explain to them why you’re hosting a house party for BuildaBridge. For instance, “Thanks so much for coming to my party. I invited you here because I want to tell you about an exciting organization called BuildaBridge and invite you to contribute. BuildaBridge’s work is very important to me. I first became acquainted with BuildaBridge in ___________ through ___________.  I hope that after today’s party, you will also be inspired to support BuildaBridge’s meaningful work.”

b)    Play the “Message from the President” video. (If you have requested one.)

c)     Play the BuildaBridge slideshow (You can get this from Picasa Web Albums and play live).

d)    Provide your guests with BuildaBridge Program Brochures and Donation Envelopes and explain how they can contribute. Invite them to spread the word to their personal networks.

e)     At the end of your party, give out Party Favors (you’ll need to get these) to all guests and thank them for attending.

By hosting a House Party and encouraging your friends and family members to contribute to BuildaBridge, you are ensuring that BuildaBridge will continue to transform lives through the creative arts and grow our sustainability as we move forward. We thank you for your commitment and your spirit of service.

  • After your party, notify your sponsor about the results, send in the checks within 24 hours, make sure you write thank you notes.
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