Payment Policies

Payment Policies and Procedures for Diaspora of Hope and Arts Relief Q&A

How much is the trip?
$1800 for Central America, and Haiti, and $2400 for Africa is paid to BuildaBridge, covering all in country expenses. A non-refundable $350 deposit is due by May 30, 2011 and the remainder of the fees are due by July 1st, 2011. Participants pay for their air travel and make their own air travel arrangements.

How do I pay?
Paying by check is the best way.  You are ensured the money goes directly to your account.  However, people may donate through Donate Now by clicking on the donate button on the BuildaBridge home page (  Make sure that the donor writes your name in the “dedicated to” line otherwise we will have no way of knowing if the money was sent for you.  When you use Donate Now, 3% of the donation is charged by Donate Now as a surcharge.  That means that you loose 3% of the donation and you’ll need to raise more.  We will provide you a report of your fund raising efforts two weeks before the trip.

When I pay for a trip, where does the money go?
Diaspora of Hope and Arts Relief funds contributed by donors cover the following expenses for the Artists-on-Call trip.  These include all of the following as needed (excluding airfare):

  • Housing & food in the local situation
  • In-land transportation including taxis, vans, buses
  • Health & Travel Insurance
  • Translators
  • Entrance/Park Fees
  • Artist Gear (t-shirts, uniforms)
  • Art supplies for classes
  • Miscellaneous unforeseen costs that come up while on the trip, if any
  • Direct pre and post trip costs of setting up the trip, evaluating the results and communicating with the in-country partners.
  • Local administration

Before we advertise a trip, we estimate all these costs in consultation with the host country and organization and arrive at the amount needed to be raised.  We do not publish an itemized “bill” for each person since we pay bills for the trip in aggregate.

Donors and your supporters do not typically receive itemized “bills”, and we, like other nonprofits don’t disseminate that level of financial information.  Donors are, as they should be, more concerned with their donation being used for the purpose for which they gave.  BuildaBridge maintains separate restricted accounts for all its trips in accordance with accepted accounting principles and only use funds donated to a trip FOR that trip’s expenses.   Donors are assured of this through a nonprofit’s annual audited financial statements and their certification as an organization using appropriate accounting.  If you have a donor that is concerned about where their donations are going, we will be happy to contact them.  A copy of our last audited statement is public information.

Is the cost of my trip tax deductable?
Funding raised toward the cost of a BuildaBridge International trip also includes the cost of food, lodging and transportation during the trip (see above for list). Only a portion of the required trip payment directly supports the charitable purpose of the hosting BuildaBridge program. Depending on the participant’s country of origin, this trip’s cost may or may not be tax-deductible. Please seek the advice of your tax accountant or adviser regarding your situation.

What about raising money for airfare?
Airfare is not covered in a trip cost.  As of May 1 2010, excess funds donated to BuildaBridge on your behalf for a service trip may not be used to cover all or part of a participant’s airfare.  We recognize that some AOC members may want to raise this money on their own.  You will not be able to use the name of BuildaBridge.  Participants may still be able to claim their airfare as a tax-deductible expense even if the funds are paid directly from the participant to a vendor, as long as the trip is in pursuit of a charitable purpose. Team members will need to contact a tax adviser concerning their specific situation.  Always ask your friends and colleagues about donating their frequent flyer miles to you.

Are donors acknowledged?
All donors who contribute via check or money order payable to BuildaBridge International or make a donation through Donate Now designated to an Artist in Call, are sent acknowledgment letter.  We discourage your supporters from donating cash, as we cannot acknowledge cash donations. We also discourage any checks being made payable directly to you.  This is not good non-profit accounting practice.

What happens if I raise more money than I need for the trip?
One of the stated purposes of BuildaBridge is to bring hope and healing to the most vulnerable in the tough places of the world.  BuildaBridge has long-term relationships with alliance partners in other countries and we are committed to support their work with children through education, healing and environment.  To remain consistent with our mission, BuildaBridge is not able to roll additional funds over to a future trip. BuildaBridge International will direct any additional funding you raise (beyond the published trip cost) to support our work with the programs in the host country.  In addition, should you cancel your trip, the non-refundable deposit will be applied to the country project for which it was raised.

What if I have to cancel the trip?
We hope this is not the case, but it does occasionally happen. First, the $350 deposit is non-refundable.  The deposit is spent to secure reservations for housing and other host-country items before the trip begins.  This is not refundable.  Second, if you cancel two weeks prior to the trip, all money raised is not refundable and will be applied to the general mission of the trip.

For Questions or assistance with fundraising for a trip contact:

Dr. J. Nathan Corbitt, President

610 656 3499

skype: ncorbitt


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