Fund Raising Policy

AOC Individual Fundraising Policy


BuildaBridge Artists on Call (AOC) are often looking for opportunities to raise additional funds for their travel with a BuildaBridge Arts Relief or Diaspora of Hope experience.  For the purpose of this policy, BuildaBridge defines fundraising as the collection of money through donations, sales, and/or event programming for the explicit purposes of (a) charitable donations to a non-profit agency or cause, or (b) enhancement of the organization’s budget in accordance with its mission.

The mission of BuildaBridge is to bring hope and healing to children, youth and communities in the tough places of the world through creative arts education and intervention. We engage artists, educators and creative art therapists in service to others.  The Arts Relief and Development program focuses on Education, Healing and the Environment.  Since 1997, our initiatives have included creative arts camps, extended internships, special arts-based projects in all art forms, creative arts therapy, consulting, and training in education methods, therapeutic art and psychological first aid, and arts-based community development.

As you read the following policies and procedures we want to stress that our focus is on bringing hope and healing to vulnerable populations in the toughest places of the world through arts education and intervention.

Statement of Responsibility

  • Fund-raisers will always act with fairness, honesty integrity and openness.
  • Fund-raisers should keep accurate personal records of their individual donors names, contact information and amounts contributed.
  • Funds will be solicited in a respectful manner and without pressure.
  • Fund-raisers comply, in all of their activities with BuildaBridge Principles, practices, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Fund-raisers hold themselves accountable to those from whom funds are received. They do not use messages or illustrations that make use of human misery or in any way compromise the dignity of any human being.
  • Fund-raisers recognize that donors have the right to obtain complete and timely information on how their funds are used.
  • All funds raised will be used for the purpose for which they were raised, and within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Fund-raising costs will at all times be held to a percentage of revenue that is generally acceptable within the fund-raising profession and by the public. There shall be a proper balance between costs, revenue and quality.
  • A recognized accounting method will be used to track and control donations.
  • Accurate and timely reports will be available to the public, including the amounts raised, how it was spent, and the net proportion used for the purpose or cause.


The following guidelines are applicable to fundraising activities by recognized Artists on Call:

  1. Seek approval of a fundraising event from BuildaBridge, prior to beginning the fundraising activity.  BuildaBridge can provide  advice in planning a successful event or activity.  In addition, BuildaBridge will provide a standard fundraising letter for solicitation; as well as PR material regarding the work of BuildaBridge.
  2. The fundraising activity must offer a benefit that is consistent with the BuildaBridge’s mission.
  3. The purpose for which the funds are raised must be for the expressed purpose of BuildaBridge Arts Relief or Diaspora of Hope.
  4. Funds raised must be deposited with BuildaBridge within 24 hours, if at all possible.  This is done by sending the money in the form of a check made out to BuildaBridge International with the person or program written in the “for” line.  Mail or deliver to BuildaBridge International 205 West Tulpehocken Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144.   If the 24 hour deadline is not possible, the Artist in Call member or fundraiser should make acceptable arrangements with BuildaBridge.
  5. A current staff member of BuildaBridge must be present during the entire time of the event.  Should the event be held without a staff member, a person should be approved by BuildaBridge to oversee the collection, counting, and deposit of funds.
  6. The sponsoring person must ensure that the fundraising event complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  7. Fundraising events must be clearly identified by a sign indicating the name, good, service, price, and purpose of the event.
  8. Artists on Call members should write a receipt for any gift, especially in cash, and attached the receipts to the deposit that is sent to BuildaBridge.
  9. Artists on Call members should also provide a sign-up sheet offering visitors the opportunity to be on the BuildaBridge mailing list.
  10. BuildaBridge reserves the right to require third party participants to meet additional requirements (e.g., evidence of insurance coverage and appropriate indemnification)
  11. BuildaBridge reserves the right to approve the identity of a proposed third party sponsor
  12. BuildaBridge prohibits the following:
    1. Third party fundraising through credit card or telephone card companies
    2. Sale or distribution of items that violate BuildaBridge codes, trademark rights, or existing contracts

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