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Kontswi Pon! Yeah! A Haiti Arts Camp

21 Dec
Kontswi Pon! Yeah!
Konstwi Pon! Yeah
Mwen Rele Magi!
Mwen Sorti Philly!
Mwen gen yon dans,
Ki Fet Konsa!
Boom Chang Chang Boom Chang!
Hey BuildaBridge! Yeah!
Hey BuildaBridge! Yeah!
My name is Magi!
I come from Philly!
I got this dance I love,
And it goes like this!
Boom Chang Chang Boom Chang!
Dance ClassPure joy richocheted from the concrete walls and sent the rhythms of “Ayiti” and Philly coursing through the sable bodies of every Haitian child and adult in the room. We danced to celebrate our common humanity, we, from a land of plenty…they from a country torn by poverty and fear wrought by the devastating earthquake of January 2010. We rejoiced to have spent a week understanding and admiring each other’s gifts. We danced to celebrate our success at having bridged gaps in language, culture and opportunity to find ourselves in a moment of shared commonality. We sorted through English, French and Haitian Kreyole like letters on a scrabble board. Through the days we found the right words to bring light to the BuildaBridge mission of bringing hope and healing to a community that understood its importance and received it with open hearts. Continue reading