Defining Arts Relief and Development

Arts-Based Intervention and Relief: Arts relief (or psychosocial support) refers to the use of the creative arts in the event of a catastrophe, violence,poverty, terrorist attacks, or homelessness to help the survivors of such events process through healing (Wilcox: 2009). In response to natural disasters, political crises and religious conflict, and extreme poverty, BuildaBridge serves as second responders (after the first response of emergency intervention of food, clothing, shelter and medical intervention) through:
  1. Arts-based psychological first aid and creative arts therapy, dealing with the effects of trauma;
  2. Creating safe and creative spaces for children; spaces that are both emotionally and physically safe; and, where children feel free to play and create.
  3. Providing for holistic wellness through arts camps that specifically assist children in learning about safe living practices.All intervention and relief is at the invitation of, and in collaboration, with international and local host organizations.

Arts-Based Intervention and Relief should lead to Restorative Development.
Arts-Based Restorative Development (ARD): ARD is a long-term collaborative and restorative project assisting both individuals (primarily focusing on children) and communities with the goal of restoring holistic wellness in the physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of life. The primary areas are:

  1. Training of artists as community workers (and including health, community and congregation workers) in arts-based  methods of psychosocial support and restoration,
  2. Educating creative artists as arts-assisted education practitioners with children in residential and after-school programs,
  3. Collaborating with local organizations for restoring the environment as a livable and creative cultural place, and
  4. Empowering local organizations to develop capacity and sustainable arts based education programs
  5. Developing artisan job skill programs for children and youth

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